What does Hey It Gets Better mean?

Hey It Gets Better captures our entire philosophy perfectly.

We are a podcast 🎙️ created by Katie Watson. Katie had the idea after experiencing her own ups and downs 🎢 with mental health during university, what was supposed to be “the best years of her life”. The more guests she interviewed, the more she realised how true it is.

She also realised how many purpose driven businesses and individuals were out there making people’s lives better but not effectively communicating it through a multi-channel approach. With experience in PR, Social Media and Marketing strategy, Katie set out to help them communicate their values whilst ensuring they met their key business goals (because great social media posts are great but you got to pay to keep the lights on💡)

Better Labs works with start ups, changemakers and purpose driven SMEs to bring businesses to market through a multi-channel approach that cultivates and nurtures community.

30 – Zak Marks: Building A Life Changing Medical Device In Your Twenties Hey It Gets Better

In this episode, I chatted with Zak Marks, co-founder & CEO at Kitt Medical. Zak has been deathly allergic to nuts all his life. He tries to always keep two adrenaline auto-injectors on himself, but they’re bulky, easy to forget and expire often. He originally designed Kitt (called ana. at the time) during his final year of university as he wanted to create something that could work like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Little did he know at the time that it would be the start of an incredible journey. Since then the idea has developed into a business and he has grown an incredible, passionate team around him. Together they're creating a new standard for allergy care. What is it like building a business in your twenties? How do you look after yourself? What are the challenges? These are the questions Zak discusses in our episode. 
  1. 30 – Zak Marks: Building A Life Changing Medical Device In Your Twenties
  2. 29 – Amy Louise Jackson: How She Stopped Tick Box Living After 30 Years
  3. 28 – Sina Sadrzadeh: Entrepreneurship and Finding Your Identity
  4. 27 – Caitlin Rozario: Breaks, Anxiety and You Don't Need To Fix Yourself
  5. 26 – Rachel Martin: Invisible disabilities, living sober and flexible goals

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