Amplifying The Work Of Changemakers

Work good enough to make a difference,
Spread wide enough to make a change

It Began With A Podcast

Hey It Gets Better began as a podcast with the sole aim of spreading the message that even if it seems impossible life does get better. The evidence for this, well that is the guests on the podcasts.

Inspired by so many stories of people making an impact, Katie used her skills in marketing and communications to help amplify their impact.

The reality is that there are so many people doing good things in the world, but sometimes we just can’t hear it above all the noise. Hey It Gets Better, the marketing and communications agency was born.

What Do I Do?

My work is all about bringing the voices of changemakers to the forefront. Through a combination of branding, social media and PR, I help those with purposeful businesses effectively communicate their work and build strong communities.  


Working with Katie is great, she is great support, a very safe pair of hands. Katie has good ideas, makes things happen and is extremely trustworthy. She’s also not afraid to speak up when something isn’t working, or if she thinks something could be better which is very refreshing – you always know where you stand as her client and she is great at setting expectations. I don’t really want to recommend Katie in case she gets booked up, but having worked with her for over a year now without a hitch, how could I refuse?!

– Niki Hutchison, Niki Hutchison LTD

Katie is a rare gem in that she always thinks above and beyond the brief given and how she can deliver against it.  Katie is an extremely reliable and trustworthy pair of hands. Fantastic with clients and extremely professional. She came up with some excellent suggestions that shaped the future brand strategy for the clients we worked with and was an asset to the team.

Lucy Werner, The Wern

Katie is hardworking, diligent, thoughtful, and never fails to do her work with a smile. She was a machine at generating valuable ideas and then even better at sifting through to create a coherent plan she went on to execute! I massively enjoyed working with Katie but ultimately, her work spoke for itself. Katie drove business through large B2B partnerships we could only have acquired through her brilliant work. Through a combined approach of podcasts, press, social, and direct engagement, Katie created a context for successful engagements with institutions that made signing them up a breeze.

Albert Azis Clauson, UnderPinned

“We absolutely loved working with Katie, her energy and enthusiasm was fantastic and she came up with some brilliant creative ideas and executed them to a high standard. Katie supported us on a number of client projects and was a real safe pair of hands meaning we could crack on with other areas of the work. Being able to trust that the work would be done on time and to a great standard was a real helping hand, we hope to work with Katie plenty more in the future.”

Natalie Moore, Mac+Moore

Interested In Working Together

So you are making a difference and you want to reach your audience? Or maybe you need some help clarifying your brand voice and social media presence? Whatever you need help with, get in touch and we will see what we can do together.