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Hey It Gets Better exists as a resource for everyone trying to navigate life which is incredibly complicated in this modern age. There are countless success stories out there about how people achieved their goals but often they miss out all the tricky times, failures and bad stuff. At Hey, It Gets Better we acknowledge the negative aspects of life as part of someone’s journey. Embracing the fact that you will experience some rough patches means that you can be prepared to deal with whatever life throws at you because you know that Hey It Gets Better.

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.     

Socrates (Still relevant in the 21st century)

Meet Katie

Hi, I am Katie. I came up with the idea for Hey It Gets Better one year ago after reflecting upon how much my life had changed. In my first year of university, I spent more a lot more time crying that I expected. I was diagnosed with OCD and underwent CBT. My anxiety levels were through the roof in the first year. Then at the end of the second year, I was managing, I had got an internship, I was in a great relationship and whilst my life was not perfect it had got better. Fast forward to 2020 when I have graduated university with a first, secured a job in PR and Marketing, still with my loving and supportive boyfriend and surrounded by amazing friends. My OCD has not gone away, I am not 100% every single day of my life and I definitely have hiccups but it has got better. Hey, It Gets Better is not just the name of my podcast, but something I actually believe and the message I want to spread.

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