Don’t Become Someone New, Transform Into A Better You

It is nearly 2020 and everyone around you is declaring these grand statements about how they will transform themselves for the next decade. Your sofa buddy Sheila is apparently trading your Friends binge-watching sessions for a gym class every day. The queen of the party, Pam, is trading her gin and tonics for green juice and the shopping spree master Sophie is planning on saving money. They all want to know what are you going to do to achieve the better version of you. But I want to let you know that there is no need to become a whole new person and that actually focus on keeping some parts of you the same this decade.

At this time of year I always end up wondering what do I need to change about myself in order to achieve that better version of me who can magically earn enough money to travel, see friends and family whenever possible, find time to exercise, does not feel stress, saves money, consistently writes good quality copy and can manage to stay the same dress size all year around.

Actually that does sound pretty amazing maybe I should strive for that …… no, that is not the message I am trying to send. What I am trying to say is that everyone can easily think of a million things that they want to change about themselves and their lives. People are so quick to think about what they want to abandon before they enter the New Year that they don’t take the time to make sure the precious parts of themselves that bring joy are not left behind. There is a bunch of stuff I wish I could change but if I put all my time and energy into those things I won’t nurture all the things I have learnt about myself and achieved this year. If you understand what I am saying then this exercise might be a great way for you to start your 2020.

Firstly, write down things you learnt about yourself this year

  • Did you find out you are totally epic at a skill you never knew you had?
  • Did you travel to somewhere you never thought of and loved it?
  • Find a better career? Or at least find out your current one isn’t for you?

Secondly , think a little bit deeper about how you learnt those things

  • Did you step out of your comfort zone?
  • Did you have to take a risk?
  • Did you expose yourself to a new environment?
  • Did you open yourself up to new people?

Finally, set yourself some do able actions based enhancing everything you have already learnt this year

  • What steps do you need to take to maximize what you have learnt?
  • Is it doing something?
  • Talking to someone?
  • Going somewhere?

Here is an example of one of my own improvements I plan on making in 2020.

I hope that doing this can help you enter 2020 not wanting to change yourself but appreciating all your good qualities and wanting to grow as a person. I’ve made some posters with these stages on for you to use whatever way you want. If you fancy a different one or have some requests then send me an email at

Instead of focusing of changing start focusing on loving the qualities you have demonstrated this year. The strengths you have shown and the mountains you have climbed. Everyone has failures. Failures are a fact of life but everyone also has achievements. Shift your focus this year to your achievements and love the champion you are.

I hope you have an amazing New Year and,

Hey, it gets better.

Katie xx

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