Don’t Stop the Scrolling; Just Switch the Feed

Social media is a powerful tool to stay connected, share your life experiences and be inspired, right? Considering you probably reached this blog post via social media it is clear this platform is a great invention, but as we move towards a more digitally focused world where screen time is only on the rise, how can we ensure social media remains a force for good?

Putting it in perspective:

The average time spent on Instagram is 53 minutes per day, totalling just under 7 hours a week. Although we’d like to think this time could be used more productively, often it fills those 5 minute periods of pause, maybe waiting for a bus, heating up the kettle or simply having a break from the work screen. But existing in a world where spending 1/24 of your day on Instagram is the norm, it is important to bear in mind who we are surrounding ourselves with on this platform.

To put this in perspective, let’s imagine you’re on your lunch break, how would you feel after you spent this hour…

  • Having a coffee with someone who only ever discussed their endless holidays?
  • Grabbing a sandwich with the couple who only ever promote their most romantic moments?
  • Going for a walk with the yogi who only chats about their next new diet and the four gym classes they’ve just attended?

The likely answer is not great, perhaps stirring up feelings of inadequacy or a failure to live up to others high standards? When we scroll through countless posts every minute it can be easy to forget that Instagram is a highlight real, with individuals tending to only share their most positive and glamorous moments. In effect we begin to compare our daily life with others most positive moments which can impact us negatively, lead to constant comparisons and promote a false understanding of the realities of life. Granted some holiday bloggers, fashion influencers and fitness gurus can be inspiring, but try not to compare your daily life with someone’s best moments and check that you are following them for the right reasons.

Making it work for YOU

At HIGB’s we suggest the accounts you follow should either….

  • Inspire you
  • Make you laugh
  • Uplift you
  • Present a refreshing reality
  • Motivate you

Some of my favourite accounts are:

  • @rianne.meijer – Real and comical content focused on body reality
  • @chessiekingg – Honest posts discussing body image
  • @davidattenborough – Inspiring and honest posts concerning our planet

For more information listen to HIGB’s podcast interview with Gaby Mendes which discuss purging social media (22-28 minutes). Or you can watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. The documentary explores the dangers of social media and how large companies take advantage of users, ensuring they stay addicted

Don’t get swept up in the tainted reality of social media, follow more honest accounts and protect your mental well-being!

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