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There is no getting around the fact that sometimes life is just super hard. Navigating your career, making big life decisions, falling in and out love is all part of life but sometimes they can be super tricky. To help you navigate adulthood, Katie chats with a different successful guest to find how their lives got better. They chat about their ups and downs, coping mechanism and provide some inspiration for anyone waiting for their Hey It Gets Better ending

EP25 Katie Watson – It Gets Better Hey It Gets Better

In this episode, I am actually the one being interviewed. My friend Alice Rath, CEO of Pippins Digital Marketing, interviews me about my own life and the challenges I have overcome to get to where I am today. From my mental health diagnosis in my first year of university to losing my job and going freelance, I actually surprised myself with how much I have gone through and achieved in 22 years. I hope you enjoy hearing my story or at least the first couple chapters of it anyways.Subscribe and give us a rating wherever you listen to your podcasts and follow us on Instagram @heyitgetsbetter ——————————————————Music:  Uplifting Ambient Music Intro by Warm Wolf 
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